Personal analysis

Since we cannot escape radiation pollution 100%, it is important to know how high the individual exposure is. The Personal Analysis is very accurate and shows you in detail 20 different forms of electromagnetic and geopathic exposure. It gives you a lot of details so that you can understand which sources of radiation you absolutely have to eliminate in your environment. With the help of the test you can also determine whether interference suppression measures are effective.

To perform a remote test for geopathic and electromagnetic stress, proceed as follows:

  1. send the fee of € 49.- via paypal to “[email protected]“. Alternatively ask for my bank details.
  2. send a recent photo with your name and your exact address (where you have been living for the last 4 weeks before the test!) to the above e-mail address.
  3. within one week you will receive the test results and recommended measures to improve the situation.

See below the list of geopathic & electromagnetic stresses that will be tested.

  1. general geopathic stress (water veins or faults)
  2. no geopathic stress
  3. left-turning, degrading force field
  4. clockwise rotating, building up force field
  5. global grid, Hartmann grid
  6. diagonal grid, curry grid
  7. double grid zone
  8. electromagnetic force fields
  9. Radioactive radiation (hard rays, primary rays, X-ray apparatus, radon gas exposure, ceramic plates)
  10. radioactive radiation (soft, indirect radiation, exposure to radioactive fall-out, irradiated food, etc.)
  11. metabolic stress due to geopathic or electromagnetic fields
  12. metabolic stress due to geopathic or electromagnetic fields
  13. metabolic stress caused by geopathic or electromagnetic fields
  14. electrostatic charges
  15. 50 Hz high current fields. Ozone exposure
  16. 50-500 MHz. VHF transmitters, radiotelephony and radio transmitters.
  17. 500-5000 MHz. Television transmitters
  18. 6-12 GHz. Directional radio transmitters and analogue satellite transmitters ERSA A,B,C
  19. 14-19 GHz. Digital satellite transmitters ERSA D,E,F
  20. 0.5-5 GHz. Digital mobile radio, radio telephony D1 and D2.