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frank albrecht

Frank Albrecht

Author, Health Consultant, Feng Shui Consultant, Dowser, Holistic Researcher, Natural Healing and Anti-Aging Expert, Seminar Leader

In the late nineties I decided to dedicate my life to the study of the universal laws of life, in particular the possibility of disease-free & ageless living. My relationship with spiritual teachers and holistic scientists inspired me to practice yoga and meditation regularly. Through the insights I have gained over the years, I have come to realise that the key to reversing the ageing process and living disease-free is not to be found in the world of contemporary research, but in the day-to-day realisation of the sacredness of life itself.

Over the last 15 years, my lifestyle and study of historical and modern literature led me to a detailed insight into how the human body works, why we age and how we can reverse the ageing process. This insight has been enhanced by the bio-physical and bio-energetic research I undertook during this time.

I offer my insights in lectures, weekend courses and in my new book Life Processes – the Universal Laws of Health and Longevity”. In my consultations I give advice regarding nutrition, living space and other factors that hinder you in your well-being or healing process. This knowledge can help you to develop a lifestyle in harmony with the energies of nature and to become free from the fear of illness.

Feng Shui Consultations, Dowsing and Living Space Analysis and Harmonisation

Feng Shui for me is more than just the study and practice of the holistic Chinese system about energy in houses. For me it symbolises my own insights and experiences of the wide variety of subtle and spiritual energies – either harmful or beneficial in nature – that can be found in a living space. Over the years I have expanded my practice through my increased perceptiveness of these dimensions and my ability to communicate with and heal them.

I offer Feng Shui consultations throughout Europe. Different types of consultations are possible, depending on your needs.

An important part of any Feng Shui consultation is a detailed analysis of the geopathic and electromagnetic stress in a building. A house survey for geopathic and electromagnetic stress can be booked separately from, or together with, a Feng Shui consultation.


I believe in the brotherhood of humanity and all life. In my approach as a counsellor I am gentle, open and positive. My inner guidance and intuition helps me to find out the individual needs in order to get the best possible outcome for the client from the time spent together.