Harmonise your home

What is the best way to avoid health hazards from radiation pollution (ordered by importance):

  1. avoidance of radiation
    To do this successfully, you need to consult professionals, otherwise it is not possible to know the individual exposure. I offer home examinations and remote tests to test the individual radiation exposure.
  2. shielding the radiation
    With carbon fibres (not with metal shielding except for windows and doors). We recommend this shielding paint:
  3. re-information of the radiation (neutralising the torsion fields or changing the biophysical information). You will find the best (bioresonance-tested) devices here:

On the internet you will find many manufacturers advertising with the following (or similar) sentences: “Our products protect all living beings within a certain radius….”.

I have been researching in this field for more than 20 years and use different, very precise test methods to determine how strong the protective effect of an interference suppression device is: first and foremost bioresonance (according to Paul Schmidt), as well as radiesthesia and kinesiology. I have tested many dozens of suppression devices (I include the best ones in my online shop). I do not only test the devices but also the users (how much the individual physical strain has reduced after 2 months of use).

Conclusion: There are no devices that protect 100%. Most of the devices on the market only have a protective effect of 20-60%, which is by far not enough to live safely in a flat with today’s average radiation pollution exposure.

The devices that you can find in my online shop all have a protective effect of 60-90% (depending on the application and device).
In the following I give advice for the application in detail:

  • Use a Feng Shui Power Disc to protect yourself from the negative effects of high frequency radiation entering your home from cell phone towers (wherever you have mobile phone or wifi internet reception in your home is not a healthy place to be long-term without protection).
  • Use this shielding paint if radio frequency exposures are high where you sleep. For people who live in the city, or within 2km of a mobile phone tower, I generally recommend this.
  • Use a large E-smog server for all your TV and computer monitors as well as DVD recorders and satellite receivers, halogen lamps with transformers, printers & copiers, satellite dishes and clock radios.
  • Use a small e-smog server or Tervica IGS-5LP sticker for mobile phones, external hard drives, mp3 players, e-book (kindle) devices, and satellite navigation devices.
  • Remove all wireless devices from your home (bluetooth included)! They are really harmful, and you don’t need them. Replace your wireless router with a wired router (you can put cables in the different rooms). Replace your wireless phone with a wired one. If you absolutely need WLAN, use this device for interference suppression: Tervica IGS A5
    Use the same device if you have a solar system on the roof (in combination with the Feng Shui Power Disc or the large Menhir Disc).
  • Unplug all appliances in your bedroom overnight and use a mains switch disconnector for your bedroom. Make sure you do not sleep near a wall that has an electrical appliance on the other side. Do not sleep within 3 metres of a fuse box or house meter box (determine the location of the fuse box, possibly use a map to determine the distance). Make sure that no “smart meter” (intelligent electricity meter emitting high-frequency radiation) is installed in or near your house.
  • Use an EVDAN Regulator protection tag against electromagnetic pollution when you are away from home (especially in the city).
  • Use a Car Server or a Tervica IGS LSK device to reduce electromagnetic pollution in your car when you are driving for more than half an hour a day. Especially newer cars have very high electromagnetic loads. (A health-conscious person would reject hybrid or electric cars anyway, it borders on slow suicide).

Finally, here is an overview of the various interference suppression devices that are the result of the intensive bio-physical testing that I have carried out over the last 14 years.