Remote analysis of your living space

Remote home investigation for geopathic interference zones, electromagnetic fields and other problematic spiritual energies.
A personal visit (see complete healing of your living space) is certainly the most accurate way to analyse the various energies in a living space, but there is also the alternative of a remote investigation, which can already give you a very accurate picture of the multiple energies that may be causing problems for your health and well-being in your home.

I offer a very detailed remote test for only €130.

It includes the following:

  • A bioenergetic test to get a very clear understanding of your personal stresses.
    This test shows you your exposure to 20 different forms of electromagnetic and geopathic stress. It gives you a lot of detail to help you understand how much electromagnetic / geopathic stress your body is actually exposed to. Click here for more detailed information.

Furthermore, the remote survey includes the following:

  • Has someone been killed in the house or on this land? (in which case the energetic structure of the place will remain destroyed for centuries until someone comes and heals it).
  • Is there a curse on this house or land? (a curse is a projected negative thought form – this causes emotional turmoil and can lead to a slight (or stronger) discomfort)
  • are there trapped spirit beings in this house? (when a person dies and they are very attached to sth. or sb, part of their astral body remains behind and drains energy from the environment – this can be experienced as a source of emotional turmoil)
  • is this house burdened by a ley lineage? (a damaged ley line causes a heavy burden for the inhabitants of the house)
  • is this house affected by electromagnetic or geopathological radiation? (normally yes)

After getting the interior plans of your house and a map of the surrounding area, I draw in the location of the leylines (if they are present) and the more serious geopathological zones (e.g. water veins, fault zones and caves). This allows us to analyse the most serious energetic problems in your house. Following this, we can determine the best position for your bed and discuss other ways to heal your space.