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5G and radiation pollution – information and medical studies

Because the topic is still very topical, here is my compilation on it: linked are not only informative videos but also numerous medical studies (which are simply hushed up), proposals for solutions and petitions on 5G & radiation pollution and how it affects our health.

Feel free to copy the links and pass them on, it will save you some work. The state of research in this area has been clear for over 20 years and anyone who claims that more research is needed to prove a health risk from non-thermal radiation pollution is either completely uninformed or lying. One should ask why our government is lying. The Federal Office for Radiation Protection is deliberately giving out false information and thus deceiving the citizens ( Many thousands have fallen ill and died as a result and, of course, more are still to come. The government has been informed for over 20 years and those responsible will still have to answer for the lies and suppressed information.

I myself have done research in the field of bio-information, radiaesthesia and bioresonance for years and have come to the conclusion (independently of other research results listed here) that non-thermal electromagnetic radiation can trigger all kinds of health disorders, depending on the individual constitution, the duration and intensity of exposure. To sum up, I can say that the current conditions of average exposure are absolutely insane, and that no human being (and no animal) can remain healthy with 5G. Organised resistance is therefore necessary.

But see for yourself, the medical studies and other information speak for themselves. The good news is that you can protect yourself, being afraid is useless, “there are no problems only solutions”, but you have to take them into your own hands because you can’t expect any help from the state.

If you only open one link and know English, have a look at this too:

The video gives very detailed information, including why our criminal government is hiding the fact that for over 20 years research has clearly shown that radiation destroys health:

in a nutshell:

In this video I try to convey the essence of my own research: how geopathy and radiation pollution affect the cells and what we can do to make our living environment more “alive” and healthier:

more videos about 5G:
5G in Berlin:

medical studies:


Here you can find shielding paint for your home (has performed best in independent tests):

There is also the possibility of using canopies (you can find different ones here):

If you are house-hunting, a measuring device is recommended:
on the site you will find different solutions to re-inform the biological field in your house. (among others also open oscillating circuits). All products have been tested with bio resonance methods for their efficiency:

Petitions against 5G :

for Austria:

Feel free to pass on the information.