Healing your living space

Energetic cleaning and house investigation for electromagnetic fields, geopathic interference zones and other problematic spiritual energies.

The house you live in can truly be your oasis of healing and well-being, but more often than not it is a contributor to serious health problems. Because our body is an open system, and not a closed system as wrongly postulated by our outdated medical science, all the different energies and vibrations in your living space have a direct impact on your cellular and emotional wellbeing. In fact, over the years with continued exposure, these can be one of the major causative factors of many serious diseases such as cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Over the last 20 years I have cosequently optimised and developed my techniques of dowsing, kinesiology and bioresonance which I use to analyse the multitude of different biological energies that are present in every home: interference from terrestrial and electromagnetic sources as well as building materials and spiritual conditions. My work is not limited to dowsing (I accurately analyse the course of the various energy lines and record it on a map); I also analyse the strength of the negative biological energies emitted by these interference zones with a rayometer – in this way I am able to determine whether or not a neutralisation device or any other form of ‘house healing’ or house interference suppression is working.

Each house interference expert uses different tools and methods; therefore, it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the different approaches so that you hire the right person for the house investigation.

The details of the process of a house investigation and healing:

  1. I do a bioenergetic test with a resident of the house. The test shows in detail to what degree the metabolism of this person is burdened by the different energies.
  2. After a first inspection of the house, I usually start my work in the main bedroom. In order to gather all the information necessary to create a space of healing, I communicate with the genius loci or the level of the elemental beings of that place to obtain the following information:
    • has someone been killed in the house or on this land? (in this case the energetic structure of the place will remain destroyed for centuries until someone comes and heals it).
    • Is there a curse on this house or land? (a curse is a projected negative thought form – this causes emotional turmoil and can lead to mild (or more severe) discomfort)
      • are there trapped spirit beings in this house? (when a person dies and they are very attached to sth or sb, a part of their astral body remains behind and drains energy from the environment – this can be experienced as a source of emotional unrest)
      • is this house burdened by a ley lineage? (a damaged ley line causes a heavy burden for the inhabitants of the house)
      • is this house affected by electromagnetic or geopathological radiation? (normally yes)
  3. After this initial collection of information, all those things that can be cured immediately are cured immediately: I guide trapped soul fragments into the light, remove curses from the house or property. If someone has been killed on the land, I specifically address all the beings and energies involved and heal this with a ceremony.
  4. I begin by dowsing the various energy lines in the bedroom. Often a dowser will only check your bedroom for water veins, fault zones, Curry and Hartmann grids. I always additionally check the Benker grid, underground caves, left and right turning vortex energy fields in my investigation as these are also very damaging.
  5. I make a map of all the different lines that go through the bedrooms and then determine the best place to position the bed (I also use communication with the elementals to confirm the best place to sleep).
  6. I check the whole house for electromagnetic interference zones. I check the positions of the fuse and meter box and use an EMF meter to determine the strength of the electromagnetic fields (NF), especially in the areas of the beds.
  7. I use a Rayometer bioresonance device to determine the strength of the biological effects of these electromagnetic fields (the measurements of the technical EMF still says nothing about the actual biological effect, so precise measurements of the biological oscillations are needed to assess the risk and evaluate the effectiveness of certain interference suppression methods).

My work takes 2 1/2 -31/2 hours. At the end of the investigation we discuss the problems and find appropriate solutions.

The cost of a bedroom survey for a flat is €230 (up to 70 sqm) an average size house (up to 140 sqm) costs €280. For larger houses, €15 per additional 10 sqm or part thereof is added. For travel costs I charge: 20 cents per kilometre. For far away properties there might be additional costs for a flight or an overnight stay.

I offer these house surveys anywhere in Europe.

For bookings or questions, please contact me here or at [email protected].