Initial Consultation

Health counselling with bio-energetic remote test
includes a detailed bio-energetic (remote) test and a 40 – 50 minute consultation on Skype or landline.

The test includes a bio-energetic check of 20 different forms of geopathic and electromagnetic stress, heavy metal poisoning (mercury and aluminium), the most common parasites and a bio-energetic test for the function of the different organs. These tests do not represent a medical diagnosis but are purely bio-energetic. They give us specific insights into the degenerative processes that are going on in your body – even long before the symptoms of a disease appear. This knowledge allows you to make the necessary changes in your life, can support you in your therapy or help you prevent possible future illnesses and increase your well-being.

The cost is €130 and includes a consultation (on landline or Skype) to discuss the best options for holistic health and nutritional measures. The spiritual (mental / psychosomatic) factors can be clarified in a separate consultation (see below).

I also offer anti-ageing consultations which can help you understand how to slow down the ageing process. (The process we call degenerative disease is nothing more than a by-product of accelerated ageing caused by poor diet and lifestyle). Before the first anti-ageing consultation, the basic health consultation should always be done with remote diagnosis.