Help for depression

The science of life processes (see “Life processes – the universal laws of health and longevity” by Frank Albrecht in the Via Nova publishing house) makes it clear that every illness is a consequence of an imbalance on the physical, energetic and spiritual level of the human being. In order to heal, the causes on all 3 levels must be found and remedied (healed).

Depression has its causes predominantly in the mental/spiritual realm and must therefore be treated predominantly in this realm in order to achieve healing. Unfortunately, there is very little understanding about this in our society and thus not much help is available.

3 steps to cure depression:

The first step: identifying harmful attached energies and elementals.
In every person with depression that I have examined, I have always discovered karmic/spiritual attachments (possessions – fragments of departed souls), curses and etheric elementals (negative projections from other people that get stuck in the etheric body and negatively affect our chakras and subtle bodies).

What most of us forget is that we are constantly living in 3 worlds – the realm of the dead (called the underworld), our visible physical world and the upper world (angelic realm ). All traditional cultures were and are aware of this and it was also accepted knowledge among the Celts. There is always interaction between these realms, but most of us have not developed any awareness of this, so these things usually play out unconsciously. Without removing these attachments it is very difficult for someone to heal themselves of depression, because the feelings of the person are constantly influenced (via the astral plane) by these “entities”.

In a remote session I remove the occupations and etheric elementals from the person and bring them into the light (I work with Archangel Michael who initiates this process). To do this, please contact me and ask for a review and removal of entities, etheric elementals and other negative spiritual attachments. Please do not forget to include a photo with your request, as well as your name and address. Within a few days I will report to you what I have found. I will then give you a time in the evening, during which you should sit as still as possible, during which the removal of the attachments and elementals will take place. If you do not feel any difference afterwards, you owe me nothing. If you feel that this work has helped you, I would ask for a €50 donation towards the work.

The second step: spiritual counselling – lifestyle, behavioural and emotional patterns.
Healing is not yet achieved with the removal of spiritual attachments. But this first step should not be missed, as it enables the person to feel emotionally freer, and thus has the energy to make necessary changes in their life. These changes are the second step.

In a 45 minute consultation (talk over landline phone or Skype), I give advice on what lifestyle changes, behaviours, spiritual practices and literature will help to overcome the depression and its mental causes in the long term. The point is to help the person connect with their inner light (with their inner divinity or higher self). Once a person is connected to their inner light, it will not be possible for attachments or etheric elementals to enter the person’s aura and thus depression can no longer occur. During the counselling session, the most important third point will also be discussed – the daily listening to a specially selected spiritual music. The fee for the 45 minute counselling session is 50€.
To book a counselling session with me, please contact me.

The third step: Bringing the person “into the light”.
Besides regular spiritual literature (not “any” spiritual books can be used, but only selected works by saints and spiritual initiates), daily listening to specially selected spiritual music is the most important holistic therapy. This is so important because it connects the person with higher levels of being and helps him to stay in touch with his own inner light. This process raises his vibration. Note that only specially selected music is eligible for this therapy as it is meant to connect directly to those higher, divine levels of being. Links to this music will be given during the counselling session. If you do not wish to have a counselling session but would like to have the information about the music, please send me € 6,- administration fee.