Health counselling

Holistic health counselling according to the principles of life processes offers a completely different approach than a visit to the doctor. My counselling is about you identifying which factors in your life are worsening your health. The factors are biochemistry & nutrition, bioenergetic living environment and spiritual & psychosomatic factors. If you are already suffering from health problems or specific diseases, these are the factors that have led to the manifestation of the health disorder.

Identifying the cause of a health disorder is the first and most important step. Unfortunately, this is generally missed by allopathic medicine (except for infectious diseases), because the causes of degenerative diseases are not taught in medical universities. The second step I accompany you with in the counselling is the elaboration of a plan to help you eliminate the causes (previously found out by a bio-energetic test). Every degenerative illness (and also milder health disorders) – take place on 3 levels:

  1. the physical body
  2. the direct energetic environment (electromagnetic and geopathic interference fields)
  3. the soul.
    (see also Life processes – the universal laws of health and longevity).

If one level is disregarded, the healing process is made more difficult or even impossible.

I offer the following consultations:

Basic health counselling
Help for depression
Wellness Coaching
Spiritual counselling